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How to Calculate ROI for your website

15 May 2014

Calculating the return on investment is essential in any investment, most common investments such as a bank account or stocks, provide clear ROI with the respective interest rates. But how do you calculate ROI for a website?

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Git Archives - Zip files & Branch backups

20 February 2014

It's quite normal to look at archiving things, especially when we're not planning to use them in the near future, or maybe want to send an archive to someone to look at the files. This post looks at different archiving solutions you could use and which would work best.

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Creating Business Proposals Efficiently

03 December 2013

The art of business proposals will always remain an art; however there are always ways to simplify the process and make it far more streamlined.

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Custom Symphony CMS Error Pages

12 November 2013

From time to time your website might come across some issues, and serve the dreaded 500 Server Error page. For the best user experience possible you shouldn't serve the error code to the visitor but rather ensure that you are working on it to resolve the issue. This tutorial shows how to serve custom server error pages in Symphony 2.3.

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Extending Static Pages in Symphony CMS

04 June 2013

Following up on a Website Hierarchy System in Symphony, this post explores how the data provided can be used on the front-end to generate navigational-links and custom pages.

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