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Going into a new term

12 October 2010

Freshers Week, Insite's media and Freshed Up - a start to the new scholastic term.

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Unwanted Shift

09 September 2010

Most of you would probably remember, the submission of the office reports, something I was not particularly happy with. Unfortunately we had only managed an unfortunate 7th place, and with the new allocation system it meant that Insite is no longer one of the organisations occupying a sole office.

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A Reality Check

23 August 2010

Its been a busy week - in different ways, there's been two main-stream events which I attended last week. Firstly the Organisations' BBQ organised by KSU as well as the Beach Party organised by Pulse. However this week will be slightly less active however its more focused. With my resit coming up now within less than two weeks I can't just keep delaying my studying.

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Catch up

19 August 2010

This last week has been quite weird, we've been somewhat kept back by what happened last year. All the way from severed relationship with our customers as well as mis-managment and lack of knowledge on how funds are managed.

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Moving up the Ladder

12 August 2010

Its been a while since the last post - didn't actually make it stick to write at the start of every week, however I managed to find some time to get on here as well. For all those who are currently following I have been somewhat involved in Insite for the last 2 years, having started out as a writer for with then editor Lara Vassallo, I moved on to the design team of The Insiter.

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