Web Developer & Consultant

Website Hierarchy in Symphony CMS

01 June 2013

Symphony CMS is one of the most powerful Content Management Systems available, due to its level of flexibility. Thus it does not package any in-built website hierarchy. This post will explain how it is possible to achieve a Website Hierarchy in Symphony CMS.

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SEO Expert, Malta & Internet Marketing

27 May 2013

Search Engine Optimization is a very popular and debatable topic, and also one which carries a lot of weight. A local SEO Expert is essential in helping you build your reputation on Google and help you get discovered.

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jQuery Ticker, Scrolling Text with CSS3

18 May 2013

The jQuery WebTicker plugin has been around for over 2 years now; since its initial version. Lately it has undergone some major changes which will be outlined in this post.

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Print to PDF with Ubuntu (Linux)

17 March 2013

A quick guide to installing a PDF printer on Ubuntu or Linux, using cups-pdf. This allows printing directly to a PDF similar to many other software on windows.

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Generate Multiple Size Favicon

11 February 2013

The Favicon is an essential part of any website; it's the small icon used by browser alongside the Page title. Having a memorable favicon is important as it would make your site far more identifiable within the multitude of tabs, and favourites that your visitors have.

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