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Social Innovation and Local Stimulus

12 December 2012

Social Innovation has started to get big, with individuals trying to positively influence societies around them, but what are the local governments doing to help them change the world?

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Downsides of being a Good Developer

02 December 2012

Excelling in any field, leads to unexpected levels of expectation; in this blog I discuss downsides or side-effects that start cropping up when one starts proving to be a good developer.

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Why Different Websites have Different Costs

26 November 2012

We all know that different websites have different costs, this article is a simple guide to help you identify the parts of the website where you would be investing in, and which could make a difference both for your experience as a client and the overall cost.

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The Difference Between Websites and Websites

19 November 2012

I think it is fairly common knowledge that not all websites are the same, however very few outside of the Web Development world have an idea of what it entails.

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Symphony Symposium 2012 Case Study Presentation

12 November 2012

For those of you who are interested in Symphony CMS, earlier this year I had the opportunity to attend the Symphony Symposium which was held in Boston, Massachusetts. I was also requested to present a case-study at the Symposium. The project was a work in progress at the time and for particular reasons I have not been allowed to dispatch the url publicly.

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