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03 August 2010

It's been quite a hectic week since I put up this blog, but since I have decided to write a blog, it would be a shame not to update it. These last few days have probably been quite important in helping me start achieving the task that lies ahead. It was also the first week which made me really start to realise what my role will involve.

Firstly, I was compiling an office report. You might be wondering what this office report is all about. I will briefly go through what it is. Basically, since I'm the CEO of Insite, we are bound by KPS to submit a yearly report which gives us the opportunity to apply for a stand during Fresher's Week as well as an office on campus. Failure to provide this report would have meant missing out on both at once, and this would not have been the most desirable outcome. So, having discovered only a week prior to the deadline, I had to try and gather as much information from the previous year's team as possible.

Infinite phone calls, lack of proof that events and subcommittees had taken place... it was quite difficult to gather all the required information. But at least, something had been compiled somehow. The total number of events and subcommittees included in the report was slightly lower than what was actually organised during the term, but that's a direct result of lack of preparation and disorganisation. I swiftly tackled this issue by making it clear to this year's members that this piece of paper, with a report of every event, has to be filled in soon after the termination of an event. It is also important to note that points are awarded and organisations get to choose their office... that is, we risk having to swap offices, or else risk being forced to share an office, which is extremely undesirable considering the nature of our organisation. One can't be journalistic if one is sharing an office, and everyone else knows what one is looking into. There used to be a clause stating that, due to our nature, we can get nothing but an office which is not shared; for some reason I was unable to spot it in this year's regulations, yet it should still be valid.

Having finished the report with no time to spare, I had to continue with other commitments; an executive meeting on Saturday, as well as another couple of meetings this week. Hopefully, I will have some important news to come up with in the next few weeks; however, it's tight lips for now. These commitments are part of what I chose to do until the next term and for the first time I'm starting to understand what I got into. Its a big step from Designer to CEO, yet I hope I'm adapting well enough.

Following such a busy week, I'm still trying to see where I can buy more time to at least work on some personal projects, let alone see how I'm going to make some sort of income.

Written by Jonathan Mifsud

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