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Google Analytics - Keywords Not Provided - No Problem

25 November 2011

A great fuss has been around the SEO world since Keywords were no longer being provided for logged in users based in the US. A lot f SEO analysts argued that this was an essential part of their work and could no longer provide good quality content for their readers. The keyword not provided issue only effects a small percentage of users and if you are clever enough this data can still be obtained.

Google have recently rolled out a new Search Engine Optimization section in their new Google Analytics Beta - this is an import of the Webmaster tools. Granted the data is that of 2 days or older but provides far more information then the standard keywords. Instead when a keyword is not provided one can look up their Search Engine Optimization and a list of keywords; average ranking position and Click Through Rate (CTR) is made available. This way you can still see all the keywords that you have been found for as well as showing clearly your success rate in getting the reader to view your website or article.

If you compare this data to your pageviews where keywords are not provided one can easily add up and make the required calculations there might still be a bit of fuzzyness when it comes to bounce rate and other factors but quite sure that it can be worked out. So after all while Google have reduced this data; they are simply not allowing us to identify which user hit what keyword however you can still decypher and understand which keywords are being used. However if you are still using the old Google Analytics you are missing out on seeing your actual keywords relative positions and some other data.

Google Analytics is a very good tracking tool for every person weather you are an SEO specialist or just want to know who's visiting your website or weather some important link has gone crazy its pretty important. Lately for example thanks to Google Analytics I realized that one of my incoming links for some work I had done was removed. I simply was getting no more inbound links when before I was getting tons a day. However this cannot be your only SEO tool in your arsenal. Other tools have to help you out with Keyword analysis/ keyword density and page rating.

Through the next entry I will try go through some tools that I have found really useful especially when I would want to track website movement in ranking following some changes made. Or say after a new blog entry like this. Hope you found this entry useful, if you have any feedback or do not agree with my views feel free to comment and discuss the impact of Keywords not provided by Google Analytics.

Written by Jonathan Mifsud

Jonathan Mifsud is a web developer by day and an SEO enthusiast by night. He provides freelance web development and consultancy services and is available for hire. You can get in touch with him on twitter and Google+


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