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Why Have a Website in 2013?

09 January 2013

Whether you are a business owner, an employee or just an individual at some point you've always wondered Why Have a Website?. This article will help you identify the main reason why you should have a website for your business, or your own personal portal.

A website like any other thing has to be evaluated according to the return on investment; so prior to deciding that you need a website (though I think you still would) do some prior research. It doesn't have to be yourself, but if you've approached someone ask for a report on the impact that creating your website would have. Be careful and read between the lines; do not expect a ROI without doing anything.

The only Reason, Why you should have a website in 2013

Simply put, your main purpose of having a website in 2013 is of being found. Yes right just like you advertise on newspapers, billboards and any other medium you invest in order for customers to find you, and hopefully bring you business. The image of your website is obviously important as a professional design can increase that interest and convince clients that you really deserve the business they are about to bring you. However it is important that you convey your message to whoever builds your website that you don't just want a design, or a website but rather you want to be found.

What does being found mean?

In advertising you choose the medium, and positioning according to the influence you would like on your audience. In websites you would buy a domain with your brand / shop name. But will people who don't know you ever search for your name? Most likely no. So a key part or having a website is providing content that will actually ensure that you are found. This in modern terms is known as SEO (even though it is not entirely correct). It is important that quality research is conducted to help you align your website with needs of your clients, and with what your clients search. If you want to sell or get business opportunities your website has to clearly indicate that you can fulfill those needs.

Corporate websites won't have a good ROI

Yep that's right, any website with corporate text will not bring the traffic you deserve, that is because clients won't look for your corporate text, they look directly for products and services. So spending a lot of money on a great website, which just says who you are, and lists all your services on a page doesn't quite cut it. It will work for people knowing your brand, but nobody else will ever get to know about your services so you will not exact the maximum out if. Note that as long as your website is professionally designed and gives you a good image, its still better then nothing as your customers or those who hear about your brand elsewhere can find information.

Compete with the big boys

When you have your own website, you have the opportunity to compete with the big boys. The internet is similar to the real world, when a store is easily noticed it tends to bring business, online having your website found will bring business and more business. Unlike the real world you will not need to have a super-store. A nicely crafted website with the right content can do wonders for your business, getting found was the first step making the sales would then be all up to yourself. An advantage of the internet is that you can go local, and specify in niches. Being the best provider of a particular product, in an area can work very well. The internet has tremendously changed and local search is now a very important thing, being the first of your local competitors to have an optimized website can bring unexpected returns. Google and other search engines are now optimizing their results according to proximity, so being close to the person who searched will help make sure that your website includes your location properly and makes the most of it. Ask your website provider that this is properly done so that you can enjoy the benefits.

There are plenty more reasons to the question Why have a Website in 2013? but the bottom line will always be return on investment and profit. And you should treat it as such, so don't let an amateur design or some sluggish content appear in your website look and ask for advice so you shall not regret having put your own website online and invested in this online form of marketing.

Written by Jonathan Mifsud

Jonathan Mifsud is a web developer by day and an SEO enthusiast by night. He provides freelance web development and consultancy services and is available for hire. You can get in touch with him on twitter and Google+


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