Web Developer & Consultant



As a creative web developer with a good technical background, I love to tackle interesting problems and come up with innovative solutions. My knowledge in various areas along with an ability to learn quickly benefits both myself and teammates; thus thriving in collaboative environments. I like to be on-top of the latest trends and my love for creating eye catching websites with unique experiences is second to none.


I have worked as a web designer both as an in-house developer as well as on free-lance projects. My core competences lie in PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Ajax and Symphony-CMS. I write all the code manually - as well as all the stylesheets, this allows me to pay more attention to detail. If you want to check the quality of my code checkout some OpenSource work I did. Further information on my experience and skills can be found in my resume.


I charge €35/hr or $45/hr depending on the currency and work involved. I believe I'm quite efficient with my time, and consulting fees are waived when the project is moved forward. For project-based quotations feel free to get in touch using the form below.


You figured out you like my work, and would like to contact me to obtain more information or a quote for a project you would like me to work on. Fill in the below form, and include as many detais as possible about your project.