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26 June 2011

Following the great success of the jQuery webTicker I have decided to extend its usability and make it easier to use for less tech-savvy people. With WordPress being so popular bloggers nowadays as well as the simple fact that I have worked with WordPress more than any of the other blogging CMS I have decided to release a wordpress version of the ticker that shows the latest posts in a particular category.

Important: this plugin does not work as expected with jQuery 1.4.4 as there is a bug in relation to the animate feature. If you would like to upgrade to 1.6.2 you can uncomment the section which sets the jQuery version to be obtained from Google API otherwise choose another version of jQuery to run. (note that it is compatible with jQuery 1.4.2)

Please note that for the ticker to work there are still requirements when it comes to CSS styling as the ticker without any styling will fail to work. More information on that however can be found in the jQuery - webTicker page so as to avoid repeating the same things, however a sample CSS download is provided through this page. Secondly - the example has been removed from this page for the simple reason that I have switched from WordPress to another platform - however support is still offered for this plugin.

To install the ticker simply copy the contents of the zip file into your plugins folder and enable your plugin from wordpress. This would enable you to use a shortcode of the following format

              [webticker num="10" category="1,3" id="webticker", direction="1", speed="0.05" ]


The category by default is set to none so as to enable all categories to be included the rest of the values are as indicated above. Since this is shortcode if you would like to make the ticker part of your template you have to use the following structure enclosed within php tags:

              do_shortcode('[webticker num="10" category="1,3" id="webticker", direction="1", speed="0.05" ]')


Download fromWP-webTicker wordpress repository.

Download the sample CSS styling.